Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Modeling for Kenabows

Last week we received the items from our first booking with Little Diamond Models. A candy corn themed bow tie for Freddie and headband for Bella to model from Kenabows.
I knew the props I would use for this shoot straight away but had to put a bit of thought into their outfits. I knew in my head what would be perfect but whether I could pull it all together from the contents of their wardrobes was another matter.

Freddie was pretty easy, white polo shirt and amazingly I found that he had some shorts with the same shade of orange in it to match his bow tie. It was a checked pattern, so far more interesting and eye catching than a plain solid colored pair of short.

I desperately hoped I'd find something black or orange for Bella to wear but we had no luck! So I had to think about the coordination with Freddie and what would work together. I then noticed her white dress, but still it was missing something. Luckily remembered some leg warmers I had bought Freddie when he was younger...they were black!! Now to decide if she should wear them on her arms or legs? We tried them on both, but it was a definite yes for her legs on this occasion!
Her outfit was still missing something... but thankfully I am a horder and pretty crafty because I found some orange ribbon tucked away in my odds and ends box and it immediately tied her whole outfit together.

I shot Bella's photo shoot first. I knew I'd only get the shots I wanted of Bella if she had my complete attention and no big brother running around. So as soon as we got back from taking Freddie to preschool that morning I set up, being careful it was not too close to any other distractions (i.e. swings!!!) whilst she watched some TV.
The best thing about doing it this way was that as soon as I took her out already dressed up she was keen to check out the "set".
It was great to have somewhere for her to sit as it kept her still long enough for me to snap and the props kept her busy rather than running off.
Freddie's and the joint session happened the following day in the afternoon. The sun annoyingly kept peeking out from behind the clouds and seemingly at the times where I would get good smiles! so the inevitable shadows kept happening. I reluctantly moved the setup to the only shaded area...near the swingset! I had to put up with trying to push Bella on the swings with one hand and taking photos of Freddie with the other...luckily I am a great multitasker!

Overall the shoots went smoothly and I was extremely pleased with the results. 

Here are the photos...

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