Monday, September 12, 2011

Big School for a Little Guy

I love this photo, my oldest son Freddie only just turned 3 in August and started preschool last week.

It's just as if he is in total owe of the big school building, the big kids and the big "step" he's about to take into starting his new schooling life.

Good Luck Freddie, we know you'll do great.

You can see more photos from his first day at school here

This photo has been entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge. To see other back to school photos click here


  1. What a great face! He really looks like he's soaking it all in.

  2. So cute. He has beautiful eyes!

  3. Love the edit! Great shot... Love it! I have a new photo blog hop starting Mondays... love to have you!