Sunday, September 11, 2011

Freddie Starts Preschool

Well Freddie first day of preschool came round last week. It was a BIG event for us. Freddie has never been to daycare or anything where he's been apart from me, I am so lucky to have been able to be a stay at home mum with him his whole life. I can even count on my 2 hands the number of times he's stayed with my parents or sister for a no more than a couple of hours at a time.

Since January when we went to the preschool open day (when we first moved this this area), Freddie has been excited about his new school. I would keep telling him when you are 3 you can go to school, but 8 months is a LONG time in the eyes of a 2 year old!

I was anxious about how he would be on the actual day, I knew that if he was unsure, worried or scarred I would find it heartbreaking to leave him. But I must be very lucky because he was perfectly fine. I explained to him the night before what would be happening and on the day he said bye and went straight to playing with the train table. It was far too easy! It was another story when I went to pick him up though. As soon as he saw me he started crying...the teachers said he's been fine the whole time and most of the other children also cried when they saw their parents so I guess it was just the emotions of having me back! Everyday since then he has asked to go back to school, even on the weekend so I guess he enjoyed it really!

I took Freddie back there at the weekend anyway, just to take some "start of school" photos of him. As on his real first day I wanted to keep things simple for his sake.

He refused to let me remove his "Thomas" tattoo! But I left it in these photos to remember how he was and what he loved at age 3!

His school bag and lunchbox is a Dart-frog Stephen Joseph go-go bag. I wanted to get him something that he wouldn't get bored with quickly, there were so many designs to choose from all equally as precious, it was a tough job for me to decide but Freddie picked the frogs immediately, he loved it! Throughout the summer he was changing the "character" he wanted on his backpack from week to week, so thankfully I didn't buy one of those.

When this bag arrived I was so so pleased with it, I was amazed by the quality, it will definitely last him through the year and beyond. Any dirt will easily wipe down, and it's very sturdy and strong. It's the perfect size to fit his school folder in plus anything else he may need yet doesn't looking too large and uncomfortable on a small 3 year old. The lunchbox is fully insulated and has a velcro strap to hold his drink in place inside. I love that he can easily unzip this himself unlike conventional lunchboxes that he struggles with. I love the bright, bold colors on it, and the applique frogs are pretty cute. I am actually thinking of buying my youngest daughter one from the range now even though she won't be really needing it for another 2 years, because I already know we will buy her one from this range anyway!

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